Service Item:
Surgical Smoke Evacuator
Taking away the poisonous gas for using CO2 medical laser to cut skin tissue.
Medical Scanner System
It is available for CO2 laser system, YAG laser sytem and various diode laser systems.
Laser comb
Taking advantage of laser technology to promote the hair growth.
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10W Dental Diode Laser System
Model: LK-DL

The technical specifications
1, Laser type: Semiconductor laser
2, Wavelength: 980nm / 810nm
3, Maximum power: 10W
4, Operation mode: CW and Pulse
5, Pulse duration: 1ms-1s
6, Repetition rate: 0.5Hz-0.5KHZ
7, Transmission system: 200um and 400um optic fibers
8, Aiming beam: 635nm red diode laser
9, Control mode: touching screen display
10, Voltage: AC 100-240v, DC 25v, charged battery


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